Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends Coming in 2024

Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends Coming in 2024

Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends Coming in 2024

2023 has swiftly slipped away, making way for the promising new year of 2024. We’ve reviewed the highlights of 2023 in the previous article, but now it’s time to focus on what beauty trends will dominate the coming year. Mintel, a market intelligence agency forecasts three major trends in the global beauty and personal care market.

Introducing NeuroGlow – a seamless blend of mental well-being and physical allure. Brands have the power to guide consumers into a transformative phase by integrating stress relief techniques, healing practices, targeted supplements, and adjusted daily routines, enriching the role of beauty in their lives.

Meet Beaut-AI – a revolution in personalized beauty, prioritizing efficiency and efficacy. Brands can harness data, including customer feedback on social platforms, to identify gaps and craft innovative products tailored to individual needs.

Sophisticated Simplicity
Finally Sophisticated Simplicity – a paradigm shift for discerning consumers who value effectiveness over flashy marketing. Brands can elevate consumer awareness by clearly communicating the benefits of active ingredients, enabling informed choices, and emphasizing product effectiveness. Furthermore, there's an opportunity for brands to highlight minimalism and simplicity in packaging and design.

Weekend Glow Comments

Brands face the ongoing challenge of adapting to shifting consumer demands and evolving trends. To navigate this, prioritizing the mind-body connection is essential for enhancing beauty's role in overall well-being. Simultaneously, with advancing technology, transparency in AI systems becomes critical for building consumer trust, necessitating clear disclosure of data sources and decision-making processes. Lastly, maintaining simplicity in outer packaging while delivering effective, high-quality products is key to fostering a loyal customer base, where quality, effectiveness, and long-term results guide purchasing decisions.

To read more, find the report on Mintel.*

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