5 Expert Tips to Fight Bloating

5 Expert Tips to Fight Bloating

5 Expert Tips to Fight Bloating

Bloating, we all know, is an awful sensation. Interestingly, Google Trends data shows a surge in searches for "anti bloating foods". Initially uncomfortable, it can become downright debilitating if ignored. Thus, understanding the causes and remedies is crucial, serving as a valuable guide.

Tip #1 Motility Get Moving

Motility is your gut’s ability to contract and move food through the digestive tract. Bloating occurs when your motility is slow, contributing to constipation or other bacterial imbalances. If you’re feeling stressed, go for a quiet walk or just put down your phone. If frequent eating is the issue, try having 3-4 hour gaps between meals and a 12-hour gap between dinner and breakfast the next morning.

Tip #2 Don't go raw, cook it up!

If you're feeling bloated, you might think that opting for simple, raw food is the way to go. However, consuming excessive amounts of raw food can actually be hard on your digestion. While vegetables are undoubtedly nutritious, eating them raw can require more energy to break down due to their resilient cellular structures.

Tip #3 An Apple Cider Vinegar a day keeps the doctors away

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) provides a protective effect on the microbiome and promotes healthy digestion. Contrary to common belief, it actually benefits the stomach by acidifying it. This acidity triggers digestion by activating inactive forms of digestive enzymes. For optimal results, mix ACV with water and consume before a heavy meal.

Tip #4 Digestive bitters for a happy tummy

Digestive bitters, commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, offer numerous benefits for digestion, bowel regulation, and detoxification. According to nutritionist Rhian Stephenson, these bitters stimulate the production of digestive enzymes, promote bile secretion, and help maintain optimal acid levels in the stomach (5 Easy, Expert-Led Ways To Reduce Bloating, Hannah Coates, British Vogue)*. Simply mix it with water before or after a meal, or even combine it with ACV for added ease.

Tip #5 Sip right kinds of alcohol

Alcohol, in general, is not considered gut-friendly. However, if you choose to consume it, it's important to make wise choices. Steer clear of drinks like champagne, white wine, or sugary cocktails. Instead, opt for beverages that offer some health benefits. Organic Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon are excellent examples. When nutritionists indulge, they often opt for vodka, gin, or tequila, as these are low in sugar content.

Weekend Glow Comments

We have explored five effective tips for alleviating bloating, which can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine. With these strategies in mind, let us now take proactive steps to combat bloating and improve our gut health. Always remember, even small changes can have a significant impact on how you feel. So, whether you're grabbing a snack or planning a night out, keep these tips in mind. Your gut will certainly appreciate it!

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