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Go Green Kit


Go Green Kit

This Go Green Kit is like a freshly squeezed green juice just for your skin! Combining green ingredients, this kit will help relax and soothe your stressed skin while providing all the nourishment it needs.

What's inside

15 MIN Rescue Me Kit, Everyday Veggie Slice Sheet Mask Kale & Cucumber, Just in 15 MIN Nourishing Facial Mask Guava, 15 Minutes Sheet Mask Fresh Aloe



Just in 15 Min Nourishing Facial Mask with Guava

• Revitalizing / Nutrition / Radiant Skin
• Nourishing guava for smooth skin.
• Why Naisture loves Guava? It contains Vitamin C & anti-oxidant benefits to provide nutrition while revitalizing for smooth and radiant skin.

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