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Farewell to Breakouts Kit


Farewell to Breakouts Kit

Breakouts call for a cry of help, and Farewell to Breakouts Kit is here to save your day! This kit includes everything your sensitive skin needs to be soothed, calmed, hydrated, and cleared. 

What's inside

Everyday Veggie Slice Sheet Mask Carrot, Just in 15 Min Calming Facial Mask with Turmeric, Herb Garden Sheet Mask Jasmine, Naisture Premium Sheet Mask Tea Tree, 15 MIN Rescue Me


Just in 15 Min Calming Facial Mask with Turmeric

• Anti-inflammatory / Reduce Redness / Clear Skin
• Calming Turmeric for clear skin.
• Why Naisture loves Turmeric? It contains anti-inflammatory benefits to reduce redness for clear skin.


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