This is how we do it : )
Directions for sheet mask :

STEP 1.  
Cleanse and apply toner.

STEP 2.  
Apply mask and relax for 15-20 minutes.

Turn on your favorite music and fall into tranquility.

STEP 3. 
Remove the mask and tap in remaining essence.
Finish with moisturizer and enjoy clearer skin!
Try using eye patches along with our sheet mask!
 STEP 1.  
Cleanse your face thoroughly, apply toner.
Naisture_Tips_Eyemask STEP 2.  
Apply eye patch or eye mask.

Naisture_Tips_EyeFacemaskSTEP 3. 
Apply sheet mask over the eye patches.

STEP 4.  
Wait for 15 – 20 minutes while listing to your favorite tune.

Naisture_Tips_CreamSTEP 5. 
Remove the mask and eye patch, gently tap remaining essence.
Finish with Naisture cream and take selfie with your glowing skin!
Naisture_Tips_Love STEP 6. 
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